Statistics program that analizes and creates diagrams



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Esta+ is a free statistics program -freeware- focused on descriptive statistics that allows you to make analysis and diagrams using distributed data in one-dimensional or two-dimensional variables, in discreet or continuous mode.

Amongst its characteristics you can find:

* Amplitude in data formats

-One-dimensional or two-dimensional variables.

-Discreet or continuous variables (grouped in intervals)

-Quantitative and qualitative data

-Introduction of tabular or not tabular data

* Saving characteristics

-Save and print data tables

-Save and print analysis reports

-Import tables from spread-sheets (in Spread-sheet format defined by tabs)

* Editing characteristics

-Automatic error check during data insertion

-Automatic completion of data tables

-Complete control of edition of data tables

* In-depth analysis of data tables

-Central tendency measurement

-Dispersion characteristics

-Form characteristics

-Identification of outliers

-Functional dependency

-Regression analysis

-Statistic dependency measurements

-Analysis of percentiles

-Analysis of moments

* Creation of diagrams



* Other characteristics

-Online help with the description or statistical formulas

-Probabilities assistant

-Editions for Windows and Linux PC
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